Where I’ve been that wasn’t here

by Jesse

I keep talking a good game about getting on a regular posting schedule, don’t I? Then I proceed to be absent for anywhere from a week to…what’s it been this round, like 3 months?!?! I’m not going to make excuses, and I’m not going to make promises either. That said, I am returning to posting, and I wanted to start with a glimpse into what’s been keeping me away. First of all, I’m moving into my own place on April 1, so there’s been much apartment hunting, budget figuring and Craigslist shopping happening. Second, I’m starting grad school at the end of this month, so there’s also been much entry essay writing, reference contacting/cajoling, and more budget figuring. Third there’s been drama at work that leaves me thoroughly wiped by the time I get home and I just haven’t had the energy to open a notebook.

And lastly, there’s the simple fact that my mind works in rather roundabout ways most of the time. This makes it difficult to pull out a single thread to focus on long enough to get an essay written. So the last thing I want to share today is the note I entered into Evernote for yesterday, as just a sample of what I’m talking about. The only modification I’ve made from how I wrote this out is to add a link to the Whole 30 site for anyone who wants more information.

=> Reading about how the internet is effectively rewiring our brains, while sitting here typing on my computer and watching every 3rd person in the place staring at a glowing screen of one sort or another

=> No, the irony is not lost

=> Is it possible to continue using the computer/internet as a Tool, without letting it change the very way our brains work? I don’t like the word ‘rewire’ in this context, since it is in a very real way what’s happening.

=> The implications of neuroplasticity for everything from habit changing to how we actually view the everyday occurrences around us are truly fascinating. Is this the root of why it takes at least 30 days to change a habit or break a food addiction (for example)? What about the effects of retreats, spending extended periods of time away from screen time? As usual I’m coming up with all sorts of questions without answers. I’m thinking it’s time to start another round of N=1 experimentation. Starting with the Whole 30 I start today.

One thing I know about myself is that I need to restrict the number of habits I try to change at one time. Every time I try to combine, one or more end up slipping off the back end. So, Whole 30 for March, then I’ll see what to work on come April 1, aside from moving of course.

=> Speaking of moving, need to find a desk that will fit in the studio

=> Comparative Advantage
the idea that there will ALWAYS be someone who can do/produce something at a lower marginal & opportunity cost than someone else.

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