Errandonnee ’13 write up

by Jesse

My #bikeDC friend Mary (@gypsybug) is at it again with this winters challenge, the Errandonnee. What, in the name of Slappy, is an Errandonnee you ask? Glad you did so, I’m going to let her explain (in 140 characters or less):

Follow that link in her tweet for full details, I think that does a great job of summing it up though. Starting on Feb. 9, I set out to do just what she said, 12 errands in 12 days for a total of at least 30 miles of riding. And now, without further ado, I present the summary of my Errandonnee ’13. Complete with my observations from each ride/stop (OK, they were one of the requirements):

Day 1 – 2/9

Rode from home to Patagonia Seattle downtown (actually I think it counts as Belltown, whatever it’s near Pike Place Market) to check out the Winter Sale. 1/2 off Patagonia stuff? Yes please! Headed from there to REI’s bike department, I know I know, not like there aren’t other independent LBS’s in this town. They have the best selection of mini pumps AND the travel packable backpack I wanted to pick up. One stop outdoor shopping at it’s finest.

Photo Feb 09, 9 55 03 AM

Patagonia SALE!!!

Photo Feb 09, 10 17 05 AM

Skipped the shirt, just wasn’t feelin’ it

Photo Feb 09, 10 44 24 AM

REI indoor bike parking, gotta love this place!

Photo Feb 09, 11 09 59 AM

Haul from REI bike dept (and packs, yes that minuscule wad of fabric is a backpack)

Total miles: 8

Errands: 2

Observation: Putting bike lanes (or Sharrows) in the same place as bus facilities just isn’t a good idea.

Day 2 – 2/10

Family visiting, no riding today.

Day 3 – 2/11

Work. ’nuff said.

2013-02-12 07.44.45

Secure rack at work

2013-02-12 16.33.11

#cyclewhatever – work edition

Total miles: 8

Errands: 1

Observation: Seattle spandex clowns need to learn some manners.

Day 4 – 2/12

Work II.

Total miles: 8

Errands: 1

Observation: Guys driving heavy equipment can’t see real well. Yikes.

Day 5 – 2/13


Day 6 – 2/14


Day 7 – 2/15

Work, doesn’t count anymore

Day 8 – 2/16

Work, still doesn’t count

Day 9 – 2/17

Fred Meyer > Dutch Bike (coffee/bike shop) > Farmers Market (Ballard) > Home

Out on the trail (that’s the Burke-Gilman for anyone not a member of the subspecies Homo Sapiens Seattlitensus) early on a Sunday means two things, not many people and where there are – they’re spandex clowns. Got passed by the same group 2x, don’t ask. The rule around here seems to be the more spandex, the less trail etiquette. Not one announced themselves, they shoaled everyone at the couple of crossings, rode in the whole lane for a while, then swarmed an innocent runner. Asshats. Errandonnee stop one was a bust, the jeans I’m looking for don’t appear to exist in my size. Had time before queuing up for eggs so I stopped in to Dutchbike for coffee and to check out their supply of front racks. Coffee was good, rack hunt will have to continue. Off to the market for eggs, meat, and veggies (these were loaded into the car that met me there, egg transport is still a sticky spot in the bike-your-life project). And thus ended the AM portion of todays Errandonnee. 4 more stops checked off, and I’ve got a whole afternoon/evening planned for later…

PM ride started out at the Petco on 45th. no bike racks of any kind anywhere in sight, so I parked inside the entry way and locked the front wheel to the frame. They didn’t have what I needed, so I was only inside for a minute. Next stop Whole Foods, whose parking more than makes up for the lack thereof at Petco. Covered, highly visible and plentiful (usually). Almost makes me like the store. Almost. Next headed down a screamer of a downhill to U-Village to stop off at the eye Doc/glass store. Was only dropping off old glasses this time. And home.

2013-02-17 08.31.22

it’s another beautiful day for #cyclewhatever

2013-02-17 08.59.13

Yes, I was that guy parked parallel to the rack. For 5 minutes early Sunday morning with no other bikes in sight

2013-02-17 09.16.32

Coffee stop @ Dutchbike. Of course they let you bring your bike in…

2013-02-17 09.20.09

This is what the rest of the shop looks like!

2013-02-17 15.08.55

Awesome, if slight over capacity, parking @ Whole Foods Roosevelt. That thing on the end fascinated me for a good 5 minutes

2013-02-17 15.20.02

Bike staples are scattered throughout University Village, including this one directly in front of the glasses place

Total miles: 20

Errands: 7

Observation: Businesses with bike parking should get our business. Businesses without bike parking should not.

Day 10 – 2/18

work, yeah yeah, you know the rest.

Day 11 – 2/19

work, of course. Then night trip to library for pickup and to pay fines…don’t judge. Lighting used – out back a Planet Bike Super Flash, in front a 1 watt Blaze on flash and a Light & Motion Urban 400 on high.

2013-02-19 18.13.30

Total miles: 1

Errands: 1

Observation: 4 lane arterials are no place for bikes. Especially at night. Take the longer route and stay on quiet side streets, especially if they also happen to be marked bike routes.

Day 12 – 2/20

work…yadda yadda.

Successful Errandonnee! 12 days, 12 errands, for a total of 45 miles and 8 catagories. If you’re interested, there are a couple more pictures on Flickr, here. See y’all next year!